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Who we are

KINETIC ELECTROMECHANIC NIGERIA LIMITED is a Premier Building Services engineering and Maintenance Specialists Company in Nigeria. Founded in the year 2007, offers Engineering Solutions in Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP)for projects and facilities maintenance services with head office in Port Harcourt.

We lead in emergent roles engaging latest trend in building services and facility maintenance. We use best available cost effective technology to give durable,functional and best deliverables to our Clients.We are Clients preferred, professionals’ choice in areas of Electro-Mechanical works comprising HVAC, Plumbing & Drainage, Fire Fighting & Protection and Electrical systems, we have successfully delivered iconic Projects in Nigeria and played significant role on the sustainability and maintenance of the facilities.

Our value engineering assessment assist in cost effective system design and analysis to stretch best value for money and creates benefits for our Client. We have high HSE policy compliance in all our services engagements.

Our Mission

To be the Leading Mechanical, Electrical Pipe Services and facility maintenance specialist Company in Nigeria

Our Vision

To deliver quality projects with least maintenance liability

Core Values


Corporate Social Responsibility


Quality Policy

Kinetic Electromechanic Nigeria Limited is one of the leading companies in Nigeria that specializes in planning and executing mechanical and electrical projects. We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction by delivering all our projects as per our client’s specification/requirements, applicable standards, statutory and regulatory requirements and by adhering to safety standards.

We shall attain our Quality objectives by:

• Continuous improvement of our quality management system.
• Understanding the key success factors of our projects and outlining an efficient
implementable method statement.
• Planned and structured training and development for our employees
• Maintaining the trust placed in us all by all our stakeholders: clients, shareholders,
employees, sub-contractors, responsible governmental and regulatory authorities
and communities where we operate.
• Managing and controlling facilities, processes, quality systems and personnel to
consistently and cost effectively complete projects and furnish services that meet
customer needs.

Kinetic Electromechanic Nigeria Limited is dedicated to quality delivery of all our


Safety Policy

It is the Policy of Kinetic Electromechanic Nig. Ltd to conducts all activities in a manner
that the Health and Safety of all employees, subcontractors and the communities of the
work areas are properly safeguarded. Kinetic Electromechanic Nig. Ltd will conduct its
activities in line with our safety guidelines, the requirements of our clients and all relevant government requirements.

Kinetic Electromechanic Nig. Ltd is dedicated to the precept of maintaining the highest
possible safety standards, with the same dedication as in our services and considers these two objectives to be inseparable. An efficient operation is a safe operation and no operation can be considered to be efficient if it is not safe. ALL ACCIDENTS ARE PREVENTABLE. This maxim is the heart of our Safety Policy.

Kinetic Electromechanic Nig. Ltd will educate all personnel in proper safety awareness. All new employees will attend an Indoctrination/Orientation Course. Kinetic Electromechanic Nig. Ltd considers that it is the duty of all employees to prevent self-injury and to safeguard against injury to co-workers. All Kinetic Electromechanic Nig. Ltd Personnel will adhere to the procedures for reporting unsafe acts and working practices, LTI’s, and near misses. Accurate reporting will give Management the opportunity to identify and eliminate the causes of LTI’s and near misses, which is the ultimate goal of our Safety Policy.

All Subcontractors will be expected to conduct their activities in such a way that it is
completely in line with the Company’s Safety Policy. Our goal is to work together in
improving our awareness of our own Safety as well as the Safety of all persons involved in our operations.

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